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Order Now! Bell'O TPC2127 Triple Play Universal Flat Panel Audio Video System with Swivel Mount and Optional

Bell'O TPC2127 Triple Play Universal Flat Panel Audio Video System with Swivel Mount and Optional Wood Finish Inserts or Paintable Inserts (Black)

Product Description
This Unique and Versatile Design Offers Three Configuration Options to Meet your Display Needs or Room Options. Featuring High Gloss Black Finish and Multiple Wood Finished Panels or Custom Paintable Panel Options to Compliment Your Rooms Décor'

  • This Unique and Versatile Flat Panel A/V System Offers Many Options to Suit Your Rooms Needs, the Swivel Mount Provides Optimal Viewing, or can be Removed to Wall Mount Your Screen and use the Stand Alone
  • Holds up to a 52-Inch Flat Panel TV or 125lb's and at least Four Audio Video Components and Center Channel
  • Includes Multiple Decorative Panel Inserts that allow you to choose from 6 Different Color and Wood Finishes: Black Ash, Cherry, Espresso, Hi-Gloss Black, and Blonde Oak, Plus Paintable Panel to match any Room Décor
  • Also Include is the CMS Cable Management System to Hide Wires and Interconnect Cables.
  • For Additional TV Stand Options or Wall Mounting Solutions and Bell'O Accessories, See -InchWhat Fits My TV-Inch

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Great T.V Stand
The installation was fairly easy to follow. I am using it for my 50" Samsung T.V. The ability to rotate the T.V up to certain angle is a great feature. The design of the T.V stand definately saved us the hassel of drilling holes on the wall and running electric lines. Some of our friends actually think the T.V is mounted against the wall. If you setup and place it accordingly, it will give that impression! The shelf glass are tinted. Take due dilligence when you peel off the sticker from the glass.

It is extremly hard to find this type of design at your major electric or furniture outlet. That is why I have purchased it from Web.

Product specifications are not correct!
Prior to purchasing the item, I carefully reviewed manufacturer specifications to ensure that it would hold my 50" LG which is a heavier unit. Several days later, after spending a considerable amount of time assembling the unit, it was time to mount the TV however it was clearly not sturdy enough to support the weight, even though TV was 20 lbs lighter than the specification indicated stand was capable of holding. The entire unit leaned forward significantly.

As luck would have it, I had already gotten rid of the box and was forced to visit several furniture stores in order to find a box large enough to ship the return back to Amazon. I'm still waiting for the refund, 2 weeks later!

Solid Tv Stand
Overall, the TV stand is good. The one problem I did have with it is that the underside of one of the glass shelves had a scratch on it. Not a big problem since you won't see it when it is installed. The configuration I have is with the TV mount. One thing that I don't think they emphasize enough in the product description is the degree of swivel the TV stand has once installed, and how easy it is to swivel the tv. They provide a TON of hardware to help you mount the TV to the wall or stand. The instructions are OK, but they could have been better. Just be patient, and enjoy your new stand. Oh yeah--bring a vacuum, because you will have a ton of white styrofome on your floor once finished from the packaging.

Nice Experience
Well packaged and well built unit. Arrived ahead of schedule.

There was a problem with a vertical strut which had a manufacturing defect. After discussing problem with customer service at Bell'o, I was asked to supply photos of the damage.

This was done together with a written description. A replacement was sent to me promptly with no further questions asked, and with no need to return the original. Great customer service.

Is everything made in China now?
There were several parts that didn't fit together very well. When bolting the frame together, a hole in one part didn't match the corresponding hole in the mating part. The bracket that holds the TV was out of square significantly. I had to use a 4 foot long piece of pipe to bend it into square. Another bracket that consists of welded parts had two parts welded at different elevations, which put the TV slightly out of level. I'm still working on that problem.

One glass shelf has a small scratch in the black finish. When something ships from China, that shouldn't be unexpected. The scratch is barely noticable, but it was a bummer when I saw it.

Once I finished assembling it, I have to admit it looks nice and works nice. Too bad they couldn't build it so it fit together right.

More Info: Order Now! Bell'O TPC2127 Triple Play Universal Flat Panel Audio Video System with Swivel Mount and Optional


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